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Half-way between Florence and Rome the Inspiratorium has just opened its doors

Lay monastery | Residence for artists

What is it about and what are we offering?


The Inspiratorium is a young teenager’s dream which has finally come true 30 years later. We wish to offer a haven of peace, far from the bustle of the world to anyone who needs to find themselves, to resource themselves, to concentrate on an artistic, literary or musical project, or who just needs to rest for a while before carrying on their life.

We have restructured and modernized an old farmhouse and its outbuildings set among olive trees and the vineyards of our famous Sagrantino  in the hills of the town of Montefalco  in the heart of Umbria  with a great deal of love and care.  For those who are not familiar with the area, this region is in the centre of Italy and the town of Montefalco is in the centre of a marvelous circle comprising the most beautiful arts towns of Italy.

We have just completed the works of a very large multifunction room which can be used by each resident according to his or her needs. Three organizations, Le Théâtre de Fortune from Montreal, le Microthéâtre from Paris and the International Short Film Festival  Con I minuti contati from Montefalco have already worked in synergy with this in mind.

We are ready to welcome artists, writers, musicians, sculptors, film makers, photographers, researchers, anchorites,  free thinkers, unrepentant dreamers lost in their meditation or in ecstasy before  the changing beauty of our landscapes which are never the same and never very different. We have imagined this place the way Rabelais dreamt of his monastery as a 361-degree open secular Thelema where each of us can bring the Bible, the Coran, the Diamond Sutra, the Sanatanadharma, the Nunavut Sanginivut, the Papalagi, speeches by Tuiavii of Tiavea or the adventures of Snoopy and Tintin whilst arriving together at the modus Vivendi favoured by anarchists, “our freedom ends where others’ begins”.

The Inspiratorium which is still in its early days has already received many offers of collaboration and in the near future we plan to have a sort of scattered village around San Marco which will be the operational and logistic centre. The first offer we accepted was to manage a house located in Castelbuono di Bevagna, a neighbouring village a few kilometers away from San Marco which is set in amazingly beautiful surroundings. It will be the first annex of the Inspiratorium.

Besides, we are in close contact with Italian and foreign organizations to help our guests benefit from study and travel grants.

You can write to us in French, Italian, Spanish, German or Dutch.

We look forward to welcoming you very shortly in our structure.

                                                                                          Philippe, Carla and Nicola Papapietro


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